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Metni Okudum
About Us

METOSAN was established in 1978 in Konya / TURKEY.  Since then Metosan Hydraulic has developed a wealth of experience and gained an excellent reputation for high quality service and products within the Hydraulic and Pneumatic Engineering sector.

We manufacture; single and double acting hydraulic cylinders for

refuse collection trucks,

loaders, excavators, forklifts, cranes, vehicles, graders

cylinders for agricultural machinery,

mine drilling rigs / bolting rigs,

underground waste containers,

refuse collection trucks,

wind mills,

ferry ramps.

and custom designed cylinders and supply very wide range hydraulic and pneumatic equipments.


METOSAN designs and manufactures hydraulic power unit for customer demand. METOSAN Hydraulic & Pneumatic LTD. serves with qualified engineers and technicians for hydraulic, pneumatic and electronic system and component application design. METOSAN Hydraulic & Pneumatic LTD is designing, creating and installing systems for industry, agriculture, marine, military and transportation.